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Running with Kids


Loading up the jogging stroller and taking Aoife around town is one of my favorite ways to spend the afternoon. For me, I get some exercise; for Aoife, it’s a great way to break up the day and do something a little different. We get to talk to each other and maybe catch a train coming through or moo at the cows at the edge of town.

If you’re new to jogging with a stroller, it helps to take it out at just walking pace a couple of times so you can get used to how it moves. And if you don’t have a jogging stroller, that’s not going to prevent you from at least getting outside and enjoying a quick jaunt, regardless of speed. If you’re looking for one, though, be sure to check your local Craigslist or classifieds. I found ours used but in good shape for a decent price.

While you never want to be too loaded down, there are a few things you might want to take with you. Here are my essentials:

  • Sunglasses (for me and for her, although she rarely wears them the entire time)
  • Sunscreen (if you’ll be out for an extended period of time or in the heat of the day)
  • Hat or cap (for the kiddo, but maybe for you too)
  • Phone (Be prepared in case of emergency. I recommend NOT using headphones while out with  a stroller – safety first! That said, I use apps for running and sometimes need to hear prompts, but I never play music when pushing the stroller. )
  • Board book (this helps her stay entertained, and we can talk about letters, sounds, and pictures as we move – lately it’s been Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and Dr. Seuss’s ABC)
  • Pepper spray (Again, safety first. You may not need to protect yourself from people, but pepper spray can help in the case of a dog attack as well.)
  • Wallet (I use Road ID for my identification purposes, but if you don’t have something like that, it helps to have your driver’s license in case of emergency. Also, you never know when you might decide on a cafe lunch or an impromptu stop at the market.)
  • Diaper / extra clothes for kiddo (if you’ll be out for an extended period of time. If we’re walking to the playground and plan to be out for a while, I’ll grab this – if we’re just going out for our 5k training, I’ll leave this at home to lighten the load.)

Running, walking, or just getting outside sets a great example for your kids, and you can’t start setting a good example too early. That said, it’s never too late to take that first step!


No running …

I was all geared up to run the Thin Mint Sprint on December 5, but ended up not going. The winter weather advisory we were in followed through with freezing drizzle and snow on top of that. I would have loved to do the 5K, but I did not love fishtailing just a couple of blocks from home and the fear of not being able to make it back home a couple of hours later. So … I stayed in and baked, which I think is a fair alternative.

However, I did have my outfit put together — another reason I was so disappointed about not going. You can tell that Gus, the cat, was thoroughly perplexed by my running back and forth to the camera to set the self-timer.

We walked 2 miles.

This past weekend, my mom and I participated in a 2 mile walk (and run – but we walked) that was to raise funds for a walking trail being put in here in town. It felt a little cool (it is November, after all), but it wasn’t bad at all once we started moving.

Aren’t we cute?

It was a nice quick walk, and it felt good to give something for a good cause. I think the walking trail will be a nice addition to the west side of town.

While we were walking, Mom mentioned wanting to start running a little bit, so we decided that we would start doing the Couch to 5K program. I did this when I started running, and it is a great help. It works out great for me because I can do a longer run on the weekend, but a couple of times during the week get out and move for a bit without totally overdoing it — not to mention I have great company and it gives Mom and me a chance to catch up.

If you want to add running to your current workouts, or even if you’re a total couch potato, Couch to 5K is the best way I’ve seen to get started. It’s doable, and you can go at your own pace if you need to. Not ready to move onto the plan for Week 4? Do Week 3 again and don’t worry about it — you’re still getting out and moving!

So Mom — I’m proud of you! You will kick butt in that 5K I know you are going to sign up for …

Mud, Fire, and … More Mud

So a few weeks ago, I ran the Warrior Dash in Kansas City, a 3.5-ish mile race that involved a number of obstacles like running through water, climbing walls and hay bales and cargo nets, and, of course, jumping over fire!

Here’s a few “before” shots, featuring my little sis (who is bound and determined to run a Warrior Dash when she is 14, the minimum age) and my friend Dani …

The race started out a bit slow – there weren’t any obstacles until about half a mile into it. We stuck together as a group, which made the race even more fun – when I started to doubt my ability to get past a particular obstacle, I knew there would be people next to me cheering me on!

This is the photo I bought from the website … Oh, and everyone who’s been looking for Waldo? I found him.

The last obstacle was a huge mud pit with barbed wire above it, so … I had no choice but to get a little dirty.

I had a giant dirt clod in my hair all day and dirt coming out of my ears for a week. What did I get for running this ridiculous course? A sweet medal, a furry warrior helmet, and a crazy day that proved that my workouts have been paying off by making me stronger. Sure, I had a few bumps and bruises too – but it was worth it!

What was the most exciting thing you guys have done this summer?