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Rice and Double Peas

023.365 – 2010.01.23
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This was something I whipped up last week when there really wasn’t much to fix. Really simple too:

Prepare your brown rice; drain if needed. Add black eyed peas and one can of regular peas (drained); heat through.

Plus we had some homemade bread to go with it. The book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day is amazing!  (More amazing is the fact that Ryan is in charge of the bread-making.  I love it.)


Copious Free Time? Please?

All right, here we go.  In my infinite wisdom, I have started an additional blog called Marleah Reads.  Which is, obviously, focused on the books that I read.  I’ve been wanting to do a book blog for a long time now, and I figure this will prepare me for when my sister and I decide we are ready to do a reading project in the future.

But as you know, I have a busy life.  Not socially, of course–ha!  But between two part-time jobs (which actually means I work more than I would with a single full-time job and get paid less), an MLIS program, Project 365, and married life, I fill my time.

It seems that I just have an overwhelming desire to share my reading with people, and joining those sites like GoodReads or Shelfari just doesn’t feel right to me.  I think it’s because some people I know are on one site, while others are on another site, so in order to share reading with all of them, I would have to join all the sites and then actually update all of them.  But (light bulb!) with my own blog, I can actually share reading with everyone.  Everyone who reads the blog, that is.

I’m part of a group on Flickr called The 25 Book Challenge, which is nice and personable.  I’m planning to still update that, and I’m guessing that many of my book-specific posts on the new blog will be repeats of what I post for the group.  But I am also planning on including lists of new books we order in at the library, interesting books I’ve found on the shelf and want to read, or regular library happenings.

If you are interested, please do check it out.  I know it’s a lot to keep up with (haha, you’re telling me!), but I do appreciate it.  So if you’re interested in things I make AND things I read, I hope it’s not too much.

Thanks, folks!

New Scarves in the Shop

014.365 – 2010.01.14

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All right everyone, I have added 3 more scarves to my Etsy shop! If you are looking to prepare for the next cold snap (for those of us in the Midwest) or just to dress up your winter wardrobe, be sure to take a look!

These scarves are extra cushy and comfy. Bulky and chunky enough to be both trendy and warm, but still slim enough to tuck inside a coat.

Gray Cumulus Scarf

Gray Cumulus Scarf

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I have been making scarves like crazy to sell on my Etsy due to popular demand. This is one that was sold in the past couple of weeks. I’m currently working on two more that are this same style (bulky, chunky, super soft) but in a different colorway (that features orange, sage green, blue, purple, fuschia). I really want to keep one for myself!