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Taco Pizza

047.365 – 2010.02.16
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Ok, I admit, I took a bite of the pizza before I remembered to snap a picture of it! But it was so irresistible that I just couldn’t wait.

The crust was made from scratch by Ryan, from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. It was really tough to have enough flour when rolling the dough out so that it wouldn’t stick, but to not have too much so the dough wouldn’t move around. After we made the crust, we topped it with refried black beans mixed with mild Rotel, then added black olives. We also made the cheese from scratch based on a recipe in The Vegan Table. It’s made from cashews, nutritional yeast, soymilk, and agar agar (a type of seaweed). It’s pretty amazing! It tastes like cheese, has no cholesterol, and it actually melts on the pizza.

Once the pizza was baked (we went about 20 minutes at 450), we topped it with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and salsa. I also added some Tofutti sour cream and guacamole to mine. So good!

Ryan’s kryptonite is pizza – that was the hardest thing for him to “give up” when he became vegan. I’m pretty satisfied with cheeseless pizzas, but he’s not so much of a fan. I’m so glad we’ve got this cheese recipe to turn to when we just need a plain old pizza.


Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

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Hi everyone – yes, I know I’m behind. Here’s the breakfast I made for the two of us Sunday morning. Golden Corn Pancakes from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, as well as some dressed up English muffins.

Did you do anything special to celebrate??

Close up shot here:  Flickr

The Soup’R Bowl: What football?

Ryan – Souper Bowl
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The Humane Society of the High Plains held their annual Soup’R Bowl this past Sunday. This is our second time participating in it, representing the Western Kansas Vegetarian Society, and also our second time serving Harvest Chili (here’s the recipe, but we added butternut squash – yum). You may remember that Harvest Chili has been our centerpiece at Thanksgiving for the past two years as well.

Well, we didn’t place in the top three, but we did get lots of positive comments from people about how much they liked it. A lot of people would come up and get their sample, then pause as they were walking away and turn back around, as if they were simply shocked that vegetarian chili could be so delectable! Many who sampled it also came back and got a full bowl of it – some commenting that they were full from sampling soups, but our chili would be their dinner that evening.

Even if we didn’t place, it was definitely worth participating. The Soup’R Bowl raises money for a great cause, plus we raised awareness about vegetarian and vegan foods. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the competition, but the most important thing is remembering that we are doing this for the animals, and we helped the animals two-fold that day.