Monthly Archives: May 2010

Such a lame-o!

Yep, that’s me – lame.  I haven’t updated either of my blogs in way too long, and I could just blame school and two jobs and keeping up with the house, but I’ll just settle for saying that I am lame.

But HERE is something I have been up to:  filming cooking demonstrations! Actually just one so far, but I think there will be many more to come. As you may know, Ryan and I put on a twice-monthly “meat-free meals” discussion at the library:  people come, we talk about whatever the topic of the moment is, and we eat some really good food.  Well, knowing me, handing out free food and recipes just wasn’t enough:  let’s FILM it in total Food Network style! Granted, I’m not quite to that level yet, but let me get a few more videos under my belt and then we’ll see.

Without further ado … (and no, this is NOT my kitchen! I wish!)