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We’re in the news!

My husband and I have just founded the Western Kansas Vegetarian Society during the past couple of months, and we aim to provide awareness and information about vegetarian and vegan diets through a series of meetings, alternating discussion with cooking tips and demonstrations. Well, we just had our second meeting on July 26, where we served barbecue tofu sandwiches with vegan mayonnaise and shared information about tofu, since it is somewhat intimidating when you’re just starting out with it.

We expected to have decent turnout, and it was the first meeting to be videotaped in order to place on the Hays Public Library’s website (since that’s where we’re doing the demos and all), but we did not expect to have a couple of reporters from the local newspaper, the Hays Daily News! Read the article here. I’m so thrilled that it’s in the Sunday paper, which is of course the most widely read during the week, and it’s a very even-handed article, reporting the facts – and our food was called delicious! I was slightly disappointed that the mayonnaise we used was simply called “natural” rather than vegan, so I left a comment on the website about that. I don’t want everyone to think we used regular mayo!

When the video of the demonstration is posted on the library’s website, I’ll be sure to mention it here. A big thank you to Katie who filmed it for us!


Hobo Meal

Hobo Meal
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This was inspired by a horrible looking concoction created by a friend in high school while on a camping trip. I think what made his look so disgusting was the fact that he used that green colored ketchup on top of it. Anyway, he called it hobo meal, so here is a vegan version that is delicious when you want something warm and filling.

Hobo Meal (serves 6)

1 pkg tater tots
1 can corn
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 package vegan bratwurst (we used Yves brand), chopped
2 tbsp non-dairy sour cream
1 cup salsa

Bake the tater tots as directed. Combine all other ingredients in skillet and heat. When tots are ready, add them in too and stir it all together! This can be topped with guacamole or additional salsa.

Long overdue …

I have a love-hate relationship with Walmart. This huge big-box store has really overtaken the country, and in many rural areas it provides really the only access to a wide variety of goods at an affordable price. And the stuff is fun! Cheap!  However, there are several controversies regarding Walmart. I don’t know the ins and outs of these issues, but I do have some personal issues with the store. I know several people who work at the local Walmart, and they aren’t happy there. There are some things that I can only get at Walmart or online, not at the other stores in the area, and when I go to Walmart, those things are not in stock. Many of the staff are not helpful, and some staff members are quite rude and apparently don’t care about customer service. To top it off, that place is always so busy, and it stresses me out just to walk in there.

Because of all of these issues, I have decided that I will boycott Walmart for a month. I’d like to say that I would for the rest of my life, but I don’t know how this will all work out. I am taking it slow, and I’m simply going to go elsewhere for items that I need (or want, because you know how that goes).

Luckily, there are other stores in my area that are not as bad as Walmart. Again, I don’t claim to know all about the issues with Walmart or whether there are the same issues with other stores in my area; I am basing all of this off of personal experience. But when I go to Dillon’s or Walgreens, I do not feel nearly as stressed as I do at Walmart. Also, I can shop online if it’s truly necessary.

This will be an interesting experiment. I may not be able to save much money over the course of the month, since many things are cheaper at Walmart, but I am hoping I can regain some of my sanity. After a month goes by, who knows? I may just decide to keep going.

Kroger expands ground beef recall

Kroger expands ground beef recall – Portland Business Journal:

Reading this just makes me glad that I don’t eat meat anymore! Of course, there’s always the E. coli-tainted spinach, but that’s caused by … wait for it … runoff from livestock feedyards! Again … glad that I don’t eat meat anymore!