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DIY Abstract Phone Wallpaper

I bought the Waterlogue app (iOS, $2.99) a while back and have really loved using it to turn my so-so photos into works of art.

Painted in Waterlogue

The effects are gorgeous, and you can choose 12 different styles of watercolor. I tend to just stick with the Natural effect for simplicity, although the others give you great results as well.

I was hankering for a new iPhone wallpaper, but I didn’t know quite what I wanted. I love abstract art, as you may know, so I thought about running some random images through the Waterlogue process to see what came out.

If you’re a parent and you let your kids play with your phone, you probably have images that look like this:

photo 1 (1)

That’s a shot of Aoife’s blanket, super duper close up. This toddler is obviously a natural photographer. I ran it through Waterlogue, did some rotating, and got this:

Painted in Waterlogue

Beautiful, right?

I made a few more – see the before and after:

photo 2 (1) Painted in Waterlogue

And here’s one of the clouds at sunrise:

photo 3 (1) Painted in Waterlogue

I love how they turn out, and I’d love to make some prints of them. I don’t know how well that would show off the watercolor effect; any ideas?┬áMaybe at a small size and behind a frame would work.

Here are other bloggers’ takes on the Waterlogue app:

Now I’ve started actively looking for good abstract things to shoot, so I can waterlogue them. What do you think of the effects?