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Winner, Winner, (Vegan) Chicken Dinner

I don’t win things very often, and I also don’t often comment on blog giveaways very often, but man, am I glad I did a couple months ago. Tania from What Would a Nerd Wear (who is pretty awesome, regardless of giveaways) had a giveaway for a dress from Five Bamboo. An eco-friendly fabric that is made into what is said to be the comfiest dress you’ll ever wear? Sign me up!

A couple of days later, I found out that I won. I was so excited, I had to tell everyone at work, of course. Without further ado …

Dress – Five Bamboo
Flip-flops – Payless
Necklace – Premier Jewelry

Look, it even has pockets! The dress fit perfectly, and I will definitely buy from Five Bamboo myself. This one is the Rohre dress, but they are all adorable – and so comfy. Plus, they have skirts, leggings, and even undies! Take a spin around their site, and while you’re out there, be sure to check out Tania’s blog – one of my inspirations.


Gray Days

I didn’t forget, I promise! Since I have a couple weeks off of class, I just want to avoid my computer as much as possible. Here’s an outfit I put together last week. Super simple, but I love this necklace and I wear it as much as I can. It really dresses up the simple lines and colors, and it goes with almost everything.

Gray Days
T-shirt – JC Penney
Camisole – JC Penney
Skirt – Target
Flip flops – Payless
Necklace – Rue 21
Glasses – LensCrafters

Gray Days
The only thing that gets me is that I look a little chunky around the middle. Anyone have any tips? Other than wearing Spanx all day; I think I’d rather go on a two-week juice fast – and I like to eat. Standing up straight might help. Also smoothing out my clothes before the pictures are snapped.

Ryan attempted to be my photographer for the first time, which might explain my ridiculous grin, since I laughed basically the whole time.

This new blogging idea is really going to make me get comfortable with pictures of myself – something that frightens me a little!

A Year Later

Life is full of coincidences, right? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been wanting to start blogging again. I believe I suffer from some sort of delusion in which I believe that I will have more time in the future than I do now, in spite of the fact that I have proven this thought WRONG so many times.

Imagine my surprise when I sit down to finally write a blog post and find that my last published blog post was exactly one year before! Crazy!

So here is my plan. I think in the past I’ve gotten stumped about what to write about, and I got bored with the same old thing. I’ve also done that thing where I start a blog for each specific topic that I want to write about, trying to have a focus. I’m not sure that’s really the direction I want to go, so I’m going to try harder to post about a few specific things — namely, crafts, food, and fashion on the cheap. We will see how this goes. I’ve loved making things for many years now, and I love to eat (and cook), and I’ve recently been inspired by Academichic to dress more like a grownup, which can be challenging when your main source of clothing is called “The Mall”.  Do check out the link; those women work wonders with belts. So one of the new features, you lucky two readers out there, will be how I mix and re-match all of my random clothes and accessories. Ever wondered what a librarian wears? Well, you’re about to find out.

I will leave you with an outfit that I ended up really liking from a few months ago. Forgive the bad lighting – this was in March and after work, so my hair also looks ridiculous, since it had last been touched around 6:30 AM. Also, I was using a Gorillapod (technically a knockoff from Target, but I would definitely prefer the real thing) and the 10-second timer on my camera, so these poses leave something to be desired.

Purple Professional
Jacket – JC Penney
Shirt & skirt – Maurices
Belt – Came with skirt
Sunglasses – DKNY, from LensCrafters
Shoes – Blowfish, from Famous Footwear

Purple Professional