Toddler Time: Unexpected Toys


Aoife is well into toddler-hood, and recently I’ve been struck by how she can take nearly any household object and turn it into a plaything. The most amazing thing is actually watching her learn, because just about anything she plays with, she learns from.

Here are some of the most unexpected “toys” that Aoife loves:

  1. Rolls of packing tape. These are fantastic for rolling on the floor or stacking into a tower (and then knocking it down).
  2. Notecard sets. A small box of stationery gives Aoife near-endless entertainment as she takes the cards out of the box, then takes the envelopes out of the box, then puts the cards in, then puts the envelopes in, then takes the envelopes out …
  3. Books of all sizes. Even when Aoife was younger, we joked that A Game of Thrones was her favorite book. She always picked that one up and carried it around because it was a perfect size for her to grasp easily. Now she loves flipping through whatever books are lying around, which is quite a variety, in our house.
  4. Skeins of yarn. Yarn is easy to hold on to, and Aoife’s favorite activity with yarn is to pull it across the floor and entice the cats to chase her. It’s great that she can have a couple of “playmates” while she runs around and around the living room. She thinks this whole process is hilarious.
  5. Wire cooling racks. Possibly the strangest entry in this list. Aoife loves to tap these against the metal baby gate or on the floor, making “music”. I think she choose the cooling racks over other pots and pans because they’re easy to grasp and light to carry. She also loves putting these on the floor and then standing on them, which is not mfavorite activity for her.

What would you add to this list?


One response to “Toddler Time: Unexpected Toys

  1. Hi, I just happened on your blog while looking for chia strawberry jam.

    From the couple of posts I’ve read so far I love your parenting style! I love the description of Aoife’s birthday party. My kids didn’t even have propper birthday parties until they were 4, before then we just had family dinners with grandparents or invited one other family with kids to our house.

    My youngest child also likes standing on the cake racks! My eldest used to strumm on the metal dish draining rack.

    I would add leaves and flowers to your list. I never take toys with me when we’re out and about with the buggy or cloth baby carier, I just give the kids fallen leaves or wildflowers (mostly daisies or dandelions) to play with. They still have fun holding and playing with their ‘toy’ and I don’t have the stress of keeping track of it to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

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