We walked 2 miles.

This past weekend, my mom and I participated in a 2 mile walk (and run – but we walked) that was to raise funds for a walking trail being put in here in town. It felt a little cool (it is November, after all), but it wasn’t bad at all once we started moving.

Aren’t we cute?

It was a nice quick walk, and it felt good to give something for a good cause. I think the walking trail will be a nice addition to the west side of town.

While we were walking, Mom mentioned wanting to start running a little bit, so we decided that we would start doing the Couch to 5K program. I did this when I started running, and it is a great help. It works out great for me because I can do a longer run on the weekend, but a couple of times during the week get out and move for a bit without totally overdoing it — not to mention I have great company and it gives Mom and me a chance to catch up.

If you want to add running to your current workouts, or even if you’re a total couch potato, Couch to 5K is the best way I’ve seen to get started. It’s doable, and you can go at your own pace if you need to. Not ready to move onto the plan for Week 4? Do Week 3 again and don’t worry about it — you’re still getting out and moving!

So Mom — I’m proud of you! You will kick butt in that 5K I know you are going to sign up for …


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