No running …

I was all geared up to run the Thin Mint Sprint on December 5, but ended up not going. The winter weather advisory we were in followed through with freezing drizzle and snow on top of that. I would have loved to do the 5K, but I did not love fishtailing just a couple of blocks from home and the fear of not being able to make it back home a couple of hours later. So … I stayed in and baked, which I think is a fair alternative.

However, I did have my outfit put together — another reason I was so disappointed about not going. You can tell that Gus, the cat, was thoroughly perplexed by my running back and forth to the camera to set the self-timer.


4 responses to “No running …

  1. Running in Mommyland

    I am dying to run a race in a tutu!

  2. Well, it sounded like a GREAT day to stay inside and bake! And now I have visuals of you running back and forth in that tutu. Hahaha!

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