Mud, Fire, and … More Mud

So a few weeks ago, I ran the Warrior Dash in Kansas City, a 3.5-ish mile race that involved a number of obstacles like running through water, climbing walls and hay bales and cargo nets, and, of course, jumping over fire!

Here’s a few “before” shots, featuring my little sis (who is bound and determined to run a Warrior Dash when she is 14, the minimum age) and my friend Dani …

The race started out a bit slow – there weren’t any obstacles until about half a mile into it. We stuck together as a group, which made the race even more fun – when I started to doubt my ability to get past a particular obstacle, I knew there would be people next to me cheering me on!

This is the photo I bought from the website … Oh, and everyone who’s been looking for Waldo? I found him.

The last obstacle was a huge mud pit with barbed wire above it, so … I had no choice but to get a little dirty.

I had a giant dirt clod in my hair all day and dirt coming out of my ears for a week. What did I get for running this ridiculous course? A sweet medal, a furry warrior helmet, and a crazy day that proved that my workouts have been paying off by making me stronger. Sure, I had a few bumps and bruises too – but it was worth it!

What was the most exciting thing you guys have done this summer?


3 responses to “Mud, Fire, and … More Mud

  1. Dang Marleah!! You go girl! That photo of you jumping over fire is super awesome!! I have heard some mentions of Warrior Dash but I had no idea what it really was. Sounds like a fun thing to check off of your bucket list! Congrats! šŸ˜€ I want to see a picture of the furry warrior hat! šŸ˜›

  2. I am beyond impressed! That looks hardcore. I know a couple other people who did the Warrior Dash as well. Must have felt really good when you were done! Oh, and that picture you bought from the web site? Badass. šŸ™‚ Congrats on achieving your warrior status!

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