A Year Later

Life is full of coincidences, right? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been wanting to start blogging again. I believe I suffer from some sort of delusion in which I believe that I will have more time in the future than I do now, in spite of the fact that I have proven this thought WRONG so many times.

Imagine my surprise when I sit down to finally write a blog post and find that my last published blog post was exactly one year before! Crazy!

So here is my plan. I think in the past I’ve gotten stumped about what to write about, and I got bored with the same old thing. I’ve also done that thing where I start a blog for each specific topic that I want to write about, trying to have a focus. I’m not sure that’s really the direction I want to go, so I’m going to try harder to post about a few specific things — namely, crafts, food, and fashion on the cheap. We will see how this goes. I’ve loved making things for many years now, and I love to eat (and cook), and I’ve recently been inspired by Academichic to dress more like a grownup, which can be challenging when your main source of clothing is called “The Mall”.  Do check out the link; those women work wonders with belts. So one of the new features, you lucky two readers out there, will be how I mix and re-match all of my random clothes and accessories. Ever wondered what a librarian wears? Well, you’re about to find out.

I will leave you with an outfit that I ended up really liking from a few months ago. Forgive the bad lighting – this was in March and after work, so my hair also looks ridiculous, since it had last been touched around 6:30 AM. Also, I was using a Gorillapod (technically a knockoff from Target, but I would definitely prefer the real thing) and the 10-second timer on my camera, so these poses leave something to be desired.

Purple Professional
Jacket – JC Penney
Shirt & skirt – Maurices
Belt – Came with skirt
Sunglasses – DKNY, from LensCrafters
Shoes – Blowfish, from Famous Footwear

Purple Professional


4 responses to “A Year Later

  1. Haha that’s pretty crazy that it was exactly a year later! *insert typical how fast time goes expression* I’m glad you have the desire to blog again. I look forward to seeing more of your delicious recipes and fashion trends. I love the outfits! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m going to really give it a good effort to keep up with blogging. It’s something I like doing, it just gets shoved down on the priority list. You’ve got to let me know when you’re back stateside – I am making party plans!

  2. Welcome back!! Wow, I didn’t think it was an entire year since you blogged… crazy! When I started my blog, I tried to have a specific focus too (DIY projects), but then I just started blogging about other random things too. It happens!

    I still struggle with dressing like a “grown-up” too (despite the fact that we have a lot more shopping choices here than The Mall..hahaha). My most recent effort to do this is to accessorize my outfits more, which I guess is a good excuse to buy a bunch of jewelry. 🙂 But kudos on the outfit – it looks very sophisticated and put together!

    • Yes, you do indeed have more selection than I do! 🙂 I’ll have a lot of accessory posts coming up – I am still getting used to having an actual salary, so I haven’t upgraded a ton of my outfits and need to dress them up in other ways.

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