The Soup’R Bowl: What football?

Ryan – Souper Bowl
Originally uploaded by marleah

The Humane Society of the High Plains held their annual Soup’R Bowl this past Sunday. This is our second time participating in it, representing the Western Kansas Vegetarian Society, and also our second time serving Harvest Chili (here’s the recipe, but we added butternut squash – yum). You may remember that Harvest Chili has been our centerpiece at Thanksgiving for the past two years as well.

Well, we didn’t place in the top three, but we did get lots of positive comments from people about how much they liked it. A lot of people would come up and get their sample, then pause as they were walking away and turn back around, as if they were simply shocked that vegetarian chili could be so delectable! Many who sampled it also came back and got a full bowl of it – some commenting that they were full from sampling soups, but our chili would be their dinner that evening.

Even if we didn’t place, it was definitely worth participating. The Soup’R Bowl raises money for a great cause, plus we raised awareness about vegetarian and vegan foods. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the competition, but the most important thing is remembering that we are doing this for the animals, and we helped the animals two-fold that day.


4 responses to “The Soup’R Bowl: What football?

  1. The vegetarian chili sounds yummy! I could definitely eat some of that right about now. And good for you guys!

    Every once in a great while I think that I could be a vegetarian… but I would have a very hard time convincing Luke, and I think it would be easier if we both gave it a go. My sister told me that if I saw the movie Food Inc. that I’d probably “convert.” I’m considering watching it, but not sure if I want to.

  2. Mmmm! Looks tasty! Sad I wasn’t there to help you eat it but glad you guys had a great time! Hooray for the animals! 🙂

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