Gray Cumulus Scarf

Gray Cumulus Scarf

Originally uploaded by marleah

I have been making scarves like crazy to sell on my Etsy due to popular demand. This is one that was sold in the past couple of weeks. I’m currently working on two more that are this same style (bulky, chunky, super soft) but in a different colorway (that features orange, sage green, blue, purple, fuschia). I really want to keep one for myself!


5 responses to “Gray Cumulus Scarf

  1. I love your scarves! I may have to order one myself sometime, as freakin’ cold as it is right now!

    • No kidding! It’s been pretty brisk lately. Plus everywhere I work is on a budget, so that means I’m wearing a scarf all day. It’s gotta look good!

  2. Congrats! It’s exciting that your Etsy sales are picking up steam! That one looks so soft and fluffy!

    • Thanks! I love this particular pattern and yarn, they do get really cushy. I have 3 more ready to list, just need to get the photos taken.

  3. You’ve really helped me unsredtand the issues. Thanks.

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