DIY: Flower Power Earrings


If you’re anything like me, you have a stash of crafty stuff from years ago that you have yet to use up. Long ago, I picked up a package of felt embellishments that are intended to be used for scrapbooking, decorating photo frames, or whatever else you can think up. Well, however many years later, I thought something up …

photo 1

Jewelry-making is much more my speed than is scrapbooking, and since it seems that spring may be here to stay (70s all this week!), I thought some nice bright earrings were in order.

photo 2

First, I took a large safety pin and made a small hole in one of the petals. This will be the top of the flower. The felt was pretty firm and thick, which makes it a little tough to work with but will make for sturdy earrings.

photo 3

I opened a jump ring using my jewelry tools, then worked it into the small hole formed by the safety pin. From there, it was easy to close that jump ring and add another, then finally add the earwire.

photo 5

As you can tell, it’s a very straightforward project but makes for some super cute earrings. These would be perfect for a little girl or for anyone who wants to add some fun, bright flowers to their wardrobe this spring!




One response to “DIY: Flower Power Earrings

  1. Love them! Cool idea just in time for spring

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