Abstract Ombre Sunset

photo (2)


I whipped this up at my library’s last Crafternoon session, which included instruction from a real live professional artist (thanks, Nicole!). We used acrylic paintings and explored how to create various textures and mix colors, and then we just went for it. I’m partial to orange, so I mixed up a gorgeously rich peachy orange color and started swiping it on the canvas (8″ x 10″). I used the deeper shade on the bottom, then started adding white. I didn’t mix white into orange on the palette; instead, I just grabbed a glob of orange and a glob of white with the brush at the same time and brushed it onto the canvas. As I moved up higher on the canvas, I just added more white and less orange. Any color mixing happened directly on the canvas.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out — it’s reminiscent of a sunset, I think. When I’m staring at a blank canvas, I get intimidated and am afraid of making the wrong choices — picking the wrong color, making a mistake, using a brush that’s too small. Once I get started, though, it feels natural and intuitive. I’m not sure what all that means, but I like it and am planning to do more painting soon.


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