Loving lately…


If you like the book reviews that have pop up here every once in a while, let me direct you to my other blog – Marleah Reads. There, I will post my book reviews, as well as give you the lowdown on the Stephen King Saga and the Dewey Challenge that I have undertaken. (I’m reading The Talisman right now and am way more into it than I expected.)

On that reading note, I love that Reading Rainbow on Kickstarter has reached THREE TIMES its goal and still has a month left to go. I wish I had an extra couple of thousand dollars so I could have a picnic with LeVar Burton.

Rage Against the Minivan has a great post about lifestyle blogs and brings it back down to earth.

Thanks to Elise for featuring these awesome engineer prints from Photojojo. I have a few places here at home where I could use these …

Funny Shade of Green wrote about how to repurpose a giant box into something useful and fun.

How About Orange may be going away (sniff), but here’s a post about Jessica’s gorgeous geometric fabric and a link to a pattern for an iPad case. Don’t forget to sign up for the Oscar Bingo mailing list while you’re there!


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