Abstract Art

Abstract art is my favorite kind, both to look at and to create myself. I love getting caught up in the colors, shapes, and textures that cover the canvas.

You may remember this beauty that now sits on my bookshelf:



I’ve been inspired lately by abstract landscape photography. There are some great examples on my Pinterest board for painting inspiration. I’d also been inspired by a recent post by The Nester. I have some acrylic paint sitting around just dying to get used, so during a recent naptime I decided it was time.

The one I created the other day is not necessarily an abstract landscape, but it follows the same idea. I used an old painting that I had done several years ago and never liked, just covering it up with white, black, and yellow.


I added the paint directly to the canvas and just started mixing with my paintbrush with back-and-forth strokes. I may go back and do it over, because some of the lines from the old painting show through and create a texture that I don’t want. Or, I might live with it for a few days and decide the texture adds character, who knows.

I tend to get intimidated by a blank canvas, but this method of painting is simple and (dare I say?) foolproof. It’s freeing to take an old painting and cover it up with something new and improved, and it does away with some of the inhibitions you feel with a fresh canvas.

What’s your favorite kind of art? 


5 responses to “Abstract Art

  1. I like abstract art as well!

    • Any artists you’d recommend? I love Mark Rothko’s work – it always makes me feel like I could make something fantastic, too, although he probably puts a little more work into it than I do.

      • Jackson Pollock was my first experience with abstract art so I will always have a fondness for his work. Prior to seeing his pieces at the Met I had the impression that abstract art was something that could be done by a toddler and was not really anything special. Other than him, I’m not sure I have one particular artist in mind but I do know that artists that play around with the color red seem to jump out at me more than the others. I do love Degas paintings, even though they are not abstract by any means…I love the dancers. I’ll definitely check out Mark Rothko! Your painting looked lovely…I know better than to try to pain anything myself…all I will make is a mess and frustrate myself beyond belief! I like to appreciate art, but sadly I cannot create it!

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