DIY: Moo Card Magnets

Long ago, there was a promotion at Flickr where you could get a few Moo minicards free. I ordered them, and then for about five years have had minicards floating around my house. I finally decided I absolutely must use them for a project.

I had lots of magnet-making supplies from my forays into Etsy selling (rebooting the shop is in the plans, so stay tuned).

photo 2

Guess what I did next?

photo 3

I was able to get three circles from each Moo card. The paper is pretty sturdy, so it took some oomph to get the circles punched.

photo 4

photo 5

If you’re using super strong magnets like mine, be sure you don’t put your finished magnets near each other for the glue to dry! If they are within a few inches of each other, they’ll attract each other and possibly ruin your magnets!


These magnets are easy to grab onto, and the Moo cards are affordable enough that it’s not the end of the world if they get a little worn over time. However, since the paper is thick, I see these lasting for quite a while.


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