Oh She Glows: Chia Seed Jam

I’ve read Angela’s blog Oh She Glows for a couple of years now, and her recipes (and photography!) are amazing. As soon as I heard that she was writing a cookbook, I put it on my list to watch, and I am so glad I did. Each recipe in the book features simple but delicious ingredients, and they are photographed beautifully (this woman is a superhero, obviously). As I flipped through, I started making mental notes of which recipes I wanted to make — and I had to revise that plan and just add it to my Amazon wishlist. Each and every recipe in this book was something I was interested in trying, and I can’t say that about many cookbooks.


Isn’t she adorable?


I settled on the recipe that I wanted to try (and then unfortunately had to return the book to the library — remember, wishlist!) because I had some chia seeds in the fridge and strawberries have been on sale. Magical Chia Seed Jam it is!


I ended up modifying the recipe a bit anyway. No maple syrup or agave nectar to be had in the house (what is wrong with me?!) — I had corn syrup on hand, so I used that as the sweetener.


Here’s my super-hip-about-three-years-too-late Instagram shot. Jam in under 30 minutes! We’ve been having this on our toast and with peanut butter on pancakes. Tasty, but not overly sweet like store-bought jams.

If you want to learn more about vegan cooking and are looking for simple but always-impressive foods, Oh She Glows is the place to go. Angela is even gracious enough to sometimes post behind-the-scenes peeks at her cooking and photography process. She readily admits when a recipe does not turn out the first time and sometimes even provides photographic evidence, so, you know, it’s like she’s a real person.

Thanks for the great recipes, Angela, and keep on glowing!


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