April List

I’m a little ahead of the game, posting this while it’s still March, but I have a good feeling about April. I’m hoping it means we’ll have consistently nicer weather and hopefully a spot of rain.



Cooking : dinner for two while Ryan was out of town for a bit
Drinking : decaf green tea in the evenings
Reading : Redefining Girly
Wanting : to downsize more of my stuff, a slow process
Looking : at tulips growing across the street – maybe spring really is here?
Playing : with several iPhone photo apps and feeling my head spin – which is the best and why??
Deciding : I’d like to try a Project 365 again
Watching : Sesame Street Old School, much better than what Sesame Street is now (which is still better than other children’s shows)
Hearing : a zombie coach me through the Couch to 5K process (if being chased by a zombie is not motivational for you, for some reason, you can choose different coaches)

Do you want to play along too?

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