Loving lately…

Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying online lately:

Demand, a poem by Langston Hughes – “And what is the wind / you touch when you run?” April is coming, and not only does that mean we’re decidedly in the spring season … it is also National Poetry Month! What are your favorite poems?

Best Made Company —  What Good...  Enamel Steel Sign

I love the message on this sign made by Best Made Company and borrowed from Benjamin Franklin. How perfect is this to put by your door so you see it as you go forth into the day?

Organic Lunch Bag  Eat A Salad   Lunch Bag   Fluf


As a vegan, I run into many a person who thinks I just eat salads. In this lunch bag from Fluf, I could stow my lunch with style and a sense of humor.

Magnetic Poetry, French version – I keep flirting with the idea of learning French but haven’t really committed. Maybe playing with these in the kitchen would help?

And both of the following come from Man Made DIY – I couldn’t help but share:

Cereal Tea

Learn how to make cereal tea from Aaron_Geman on Instructables. I love my tea, but I never drank the milk after the cereal was gone. That’s just gross. This Instructable, however, is hilarious.

74 476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza   Planet Money   NPR

NPR has a great article about why you should always buy the bigger pizza. Math and geometry are involved. Did you know that a 12-inch pizza is more than twice the size of an 8-inch pizza?

What are you loving lately?



2 responses to “Loving lately…

  1. I didn’t know you were thinking about learning French. I want my next language to be German–we could trade tips! And that instructable is hilarious, but I agree with you; lukewarm, discolored cereal-milk is disgusting.

    • I’ve been toying with it here and there. Since Ryan has some French background, and I enjoy the language, and we want to introduce other languages to Aoife, I figured me getting some French as well was most helpful. When I say I’m thinking about learning it, I mean getting some vocab words and basic phrases/sentences – I don’t know that I have the time or gumption to truly learn. Although you could help me with that! I’d love to refresh on my German too!

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