Good Eats

Whether it can be attributed to my diet while I was pregnant or while Aoife was nursing, or if environment is more influential, we’ve been blessed with a “good eater”. Aoife has always been a fan of whatever her dad and I have put on her plate — except for when we gave her pureed green beans from a jar while we were traveling. She loves green beans, but those … can hardly be called green beans.

Aoife started solids around the time she turned six months old, while still nursing up until about 18 months. Her plate has come to be virtually identical to ours. As I said, she eats very well — usually if there seems to be an issue with something on her plate, in actuality it’s more of an external issue (being tired, most often) than anything to do with what’s on the table. I attribute her rapid growth from preemie status to upper echelon of her actual age group to her willingness to eat awesome food.

Recently we roasted up some sweet potatoes and russet potatoes, mixed in a few black beans, and added a side of salad, fruit, and garlic clove bread. The only thing Aoife wasn’t a big fan of was the bread, mostly because the bread is pretty crusty and was tough on her tiny teeth. Most notable from this meal: the girl loves salad.

IMG_9108IMG_9109 IMG_9111 IMG_9113

Edit: Tonight we had side salad as usual with our dinner, and that was the FIRST THING Aoife ate.


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