March List

I love reading Pip’s words at Meet Me at Mike’s. She has some of the cutest crochet around, plus she lives in Australia, so I get to be a voyeur and live vicariously in a fantastic culture when I read her blog.

Every so often, she posts a great list of what she’s been up to, and I decided to play along! (Below is a shot of our Sunday breakfast. Irrelevant to the list.)


Making : a 4-piece easy quilt (no, I’m no farther yet)
Cooking : yummy roasted potatoes & asparagus (recipe to come)
Drinking : Stash Moroccan Mint tea
Reading : The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert (I originally typo-ed The Sith Extinction … that would be a totally different book, Luke) — really interesting!
Wanting : some new casual shoes
Looking : at SO MANY 2013 photos
Playing : outside in the lovely 75-degree sunshine
Deciding : to run even though I feel sick and then feeling GREAT!
Watching : The Omega Man last night … meh.
Hearing : the new Johnny Flynn CD (title track is my fave)
Knowing : that the things that get us down for now make us stronger and can be tiny in the long run

Do you want to play along too?

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