Sunny Days

… sweeping the clouds away …


We’ve been lucky enough to spend the weekend out and about. Yesterday and today were both nice enough for a walk to the playground and to the grocery store (Twizzlers were necessary).

I’m hoping to put together a tutorial for the easiest quilt in the world (maybe there’s an easier one out there, but I’ll pretend like this was my very own creation). However, it’s tough to find time for more than just a few stitches — the sewing machine is pretty loud, so not an ideal naptime activity.


In other news, since I finally have a working computing device (I still have a tough time calling this new Chromebook a computer since it’s got some limitations on that front), I am getting photos from 2013 in order so I can print a photo book. I’ve been looking at literally thousands of photos and making just a bit of progress. This is an ideal naptime activity, so lucky me, I have something to keep me busy.


3 responses to “Sunny Days

  1. Awww, look at that cute kid. Is that taken in town? Those yellow things don’t look familiar.

    • That’s at the kindergarten playground – I think they’ve only been added in recent years (although “recent” may not be accurate to say).

  2. Reblogged this on Haven of Inspiration and commented:
    I love babies, I love children. Mine are grown and are flying the nest. I had six. They turned out so well and are such a big help in our home business I wish I had six more. Relish these years!!!

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