August Update

Time for a 30 before 30 update!

1. Run 10K – Hasn’t happened yet, but after it’s not so darn hot outside (maybe September?), I’m going to go back to square 1 and use the Couch to 5K plan to get started and build from there. I’m going back to square 1 mainly because I will have the jogging stroller with me and that’s a whole different animal.

3. Get another tattoo – Progress! I have an appointment scheduled for a couple of weeks from now.  A triskelion (an Irish symbol) on my wrist, for my daughter.

4. Be 10 lbs lighter – I weighed myself a few weeks after my birthday and found that I was actually lighter than I expected. I don’t want to lose 10 lbs anymore, but I want to keep … redistributing the weight I’ve got. I’m doing that through working out in the mornings and following the No S Diet. So, this item can essentially be removed.

5. Knit a scarf – I watched a few videos and figured out how to knit (but not purl yet). With just the knit stitch, I can make a garter stitch scarf. Which I am doing, using Lion Brand Jiffy in Avocado and size 8 knitting needles. I’ve knitted about 5 inches of a scarf. I plan to join the ends and make it into an infinity scarf when it’s completed.

12. Make a t-shirt quilt – I’ve been decluttering and have started collecting shirts from my closet for the quilt.

18. Get a pedicure – I have birthday gift certificates for this! I think we still have plenty of sandal weather left this summer, but I want to get this done soon.

19. Find my perfect shade of lipstick – I did buy a cheap-o lipstick at Walmart a while back. I don’t think it’s the perfect shade, but it was fun to try it out for something different. I actually forgot that I had tried on lipstick and then a couple of hours later went to the store in sweats. I didn’t realize my lips were still painted plum until I caught my reflection in the freezer door at the store. Good times.

20. Have a date night with Ryan every month – Still committed to doing this, but again, my definition of “date night” is pretty generous. I think it counts if we get to watch a movie, play a board game, or even talk to each other without being half asleep.

24. Make a friend outside of work – I am changing up this one! Really, I have plenty of friends outside of work. Because I am so used to them being there, it is easy to lose sight and think that I need more friends. In reality, I need to be a better friend to those that I already have. So, my NEW item is committing to being a better friend. I don’t know if I can add on another monthly item, but I hope to spend time with a friend at least every other month. I can check August off my list already.

So those are the high points. A work in progress, but I have a few more months to keep working on it. This project does make me more mindful of how I spend my days, and looking back on my list, I realize there are some items that I’d practically forgotten about and wouldn’t be hard to check off (sharpen knives, anyone?). I’ll keep you posted.



2 responses to “August Update

  1. im doing the couch to 5k program right now…I am loving it so far but ive only gotten one week down. I signed up to run the PF Chang’s mini marathon which is 5.2 miles in January :-)…I did the Pat Tillman run (actually I walked more than ran) and it was 4.2 and my time was 1 hour and 13 minutes, so if my then 47 year old butt got out there and accomplished this, you should have no problem doing that 🙂 Hope you are successful on this one but I think u will be ok

    • Hey Kim! I love Couch to 5k – I did the full thing a few years ago and that’s what really got me into running. I was actually up to running 10k but then pregnancy happened and it fell by the wayside. I’m excited to get back into it! Good luck with your mini marathon, it sounds fun!

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