Project Life – Week 3

Busy-ness as usual around here, so here’s Week 3, a bit later than I had planned.


We did Aoife’s 7-month photo shoot, and she acted like the little model she is. It’s just too darn easy to take good photos of that little girl. And then there’s the cat.


The weather has been nice lately, so I took advantage one day when Aoife fell asleep in the stroller on the way home to do a bit of extra walking, which is when I took the statue picture. We’ve been rebudgeting, so that is featured. I cut a 4×6 photo of Aoife’s books so it would fit in the smaller pockets. No journaling this week, but I did include my 5-star books from 2012 that I wrote about.


We also did an outdoor photo shoot to finally get a shot for the title page of the album. I don’t have that ready to reveal yet, but I did include a couple of the outtakes, when I was lining up the tripod. I love that Ryan’s and Aoife’s heads are cut off in one of them, and yes, at Walgreens they asked if that’s how it was supposed to be.


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