Project Life – Week 1

So I’m pretty sure I will perpetually be a week behind on Project Life. I’m not printing photos and things at home; I’m getting them printed at good old Walgreens on the cheap and picking them up. Which means between finding time to upload photos, edit them, order them for printing, and actually pick them up … I’ll be a week late or so.

That being said: I love this!

I don’t have a title page yet. I want to get a nice shot of our little family, using the tripod and self-timer and all that, and today was just bitterly cold. So, I’m waiting with the title page for now, but watch for that.

Without further ado, here is week 1:

spread01 spread01left
spread01right I’m using the Design A pages for the weekly spreads, and it really is just as easy as slipping pictures and “stuff” into the pockets. I made the little slip that shows which week it is (stapled to paper in the top left). The bottom left journaling page is from Miss Tiina, the receipt is from Home Depot, and I found the quote on Pinterest, of course. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with the handwriting or if I’ll print the quotes.

So that’s it! Shots from our New Year’s game playing, playing in the snow, the 2012 photo album finally in completion (watch for a reveal soon), and lots of baby shots. I love it.


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