I’ve been keeping pretty quiet lately. We’ve had some major busy-ness happening in our lives right now, so it hasn’t been easy to grab the time for a post. Really, I’ve found it tough to grab the time for anything that’s “extra”. Sometimes that means housework, sometimes it means exercising, sometimes it means getting online.

So instead of chunks of time, I’ve been grabbing little snippets where I can. My typical lunch break usually looks like the scene above. I get my meal warmed up, prop open my book, and have a little bit of quality time all by myself.

What have you been up to? Do you get frustrated by not having big spots of time to do things, or does just having a little time keep you invigorated?


One response to “Snippets.

  1. Knowing the room the photo was taken in, I know this isn’t true, but I looks like you are so busy you have to read sideways 🙂 Don’t worry though. Things will straighten out for us. It is an exciting time.

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