I made cupcakes!

A couple of weekends ago, it was perfect baking weather. The snow was falling, holiday music was playing, and it was so cozy in the kitchen with the oven going.

This was a super easy recipe: Funfetti cake mix + one can of Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Mix together, then put in lined muffin pan and bake as directed on the cake mix package.

I used the Funfetti frosting that comes with sprinkles. The Cranberry Splash soda makes the cupcakes a fun pink color, and they total around 100 calories — plus, they couldn’t be easier.

Of course, they look especially impressive topped with drink umbrellas.

Now Ryan is inspired to try this with Mountain Dew; I’d like to try a white cake with Orange Crush. What fun combinations would you make?


2 responses to “I made cupcakes!

  1. Yum-o! I am very intrigued by the idea of using soda in baked sweets, but surprisingly I’ve never done it. I think I’ve seen some recipes with Dr. Pepper in them too…

    Love your festive cupcakes – it’s amazing what a little umbrella can do!

    • They are SO easy – perfect for when you need to make some goodies for work or a party in a hurry! My next plan is to do the cupcake-in-ice-cream-cone thing with these.

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