I made mittens.

I am on a roll with Pinterest crafts! I have several old wool sweaters that I’ve picked up over the years at Goodwill, and I was finally motivated to do something with them when I saw a project on Pinterest (original source). Leave it to Martha to make a project so obvious that I should have thought of it a lot sooner.

Her project suggests making a pattern from paper and pinning it to the sweater, but who wants to do that when you can just get a Sharpie and trace your hand/mitten shape directly on the sweater? That’s what I did, anyway. The wrist area is the waistband area of the sweater. I cut through both layers of the sweater for the front and back, then stitched them together. One turned out a little wonky, but not bad for a first try. I think they took about twenty minutes from start to finish.

I  have a great sweater I’d love to do this with (the waistband is quite long, which would make for very long mittens!), but unfortunately I still want to wear it for a while.

Do you prefer mittens or gloves? I love gloves for their dexterity, but nothing beats the cozy factor of mittens!


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