We’re making memories.

Ryan and I were inspired to start taking a photo together every day. I’ve always wanted more photos of the two of us, but it wasn’t until we watched The Next Three Days (not-so-great movie with Russell Crowe trying to free his wrongly accused wife from prison). What does this movie have to do with taking a family photo every day? Well, there was a 5-second scene that inspired Ryan to do the same thing. (After I called it “not-so-great”, I see that the IMDb rating is 7.8 — really?)

So now we are taking a photo together every day! We usually do this in the morning, as that’s the only consistent time we are together. If it’s nice enough, we go outside; this time of year, we do most shots inside. When we have more time on the weekends, sometimes we get really crazy and set up the tripod and use the self-timer! And sometimes we make silly faces at each other or look half asleep from the flash burning our eyeballs. BUT — we get some really great shots sometimes too, like the one above. And here’s a silly shot:

We had a bottle of wine but no corkscrew, so we learned from the internets how to open a bottle using a screw and a hammer. Success! (And this was one of our rare evening shots, just for the record.)

How do you keep track of memories? And are you more a serious or silly photo person?


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