I was thankful.

Ah,  Thanksgiving. For some, it’s simply the last barrier before the Christmas season begins (and sometimes Thanksgiving doesn’t even stop them!). For me, it’s a chance to cook and bake (and eat) huge amounts of food, clean my house for hours on end, and enjoy the company of family.

This is the … fourth? time we’ve hosted Thanksgiving at our house and it was wonderful, once again.

Harvest Chili was our main course, as usual. We had cornbread muffins to crumble in, as well as pumpkin-carrot muffins. For this I tried the (apparently well-known) method of using a typical boxed cake mix (I picked carrot cake) and mixing it with a can of pumpkin puree, then baking as directed on the box. That’s it — two ingredients and you get some tasty muffins that are healthy and moist.

Our side dishes were salad, edamame succotash, and fried potatoes and onions. We also had stuffing (I still call it that, even though it didn’t stuff anything), and my mother-in-law brought a relish tray with pickles and olives. Desserts were enjoyed quickly! I made pumpkin pie (from The Joy of Vegan Baking), and my mom made chocolate pudding pie. Everything was so good!

We had a unique centerpiece this year too. I found a sprouted onion when prepping dinner, and it was just to pretty to toss. Pop it in a martini glass with some lentils, and you’ve got an instant centerpiece. I’m considering planting it and seeing what happens …

How were your Thanksgiving festivities?


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