I made a tutu.

(And so can  you!)

In a few weeks (on December 3, to be exact) I am running the Thin Mint Sprint 5K. This race has happened in years past, but it will be my first time running it — and in costume, no  less! Not a full out costume, but I wanted to do something to commemorate the upcoming holiday.

Pardon the messy desk shots. That’s just how I craft.

So I started out with a ton of tulle. I got the basic idea from this blog, but the process quickly became my own. The tulle was maybe around $1 a yard — I think even less. The silver was a bit more expensive than the red, but still super affordable. I bought 2 yards of silver, which turned out perfect, and 8 yards of red, which … was too much. Anyone need some red tulle?

I started by unfolding the tulle so that it was just folded once (the tulle basically measured 26″ wide, and when it was folded it was 13″ … following me?), then I cut along that fold so that I had two layers of 13″ wide tulle. I could still see the folds from when the tulle was wrapped on cardboard at the store, and these folds happened to be approximately 6″ apart, which is what the tutorial suggested. So I cut through the two layers of tulle on every 6″-apart fold to make strips.

I used 1 1/2″ wide elastic for my waistband, simply because that’s all I found at the store. I wrapped the elastic around my waist for a quick measurement, added about 3/4″ to the length, then trimmed it. Then I overlapped the two ends a bit and sewed, making the elastic into one big circle for the waist.

Now for the fun part. Tulle is tough to wrangle. I took a strip of tulle and doubled it over my elastic, so that there was about 6″ of tulle both in front of and behind the elastic. I bunched it up a little bit at the top to cover the whiteness of the elastic, then I pinned it in place. My pattern to get the stripes was 4 strips of red, then a strip of silver. I actually used 2 strips of silver overlapped to make the silver stand out even more.

Then I stuffed the band into the sewing machine and started stitching. Be sure you watch for pins — they like to hide in the tulle. Also be sure to hold the tulle down so it goes under the sewing machine foot. You can tell that I ran out of pins and couldn’t pin the whole thing — so I did it in sections.

This was another super quick project that was really a lot of fun. You can definitely scale this down for kids (or scale it up — the original tutorial was for little girl tutus). Mine is super full, but when it comes to tulle, more is more, right? No, no pictures of me wearing said tutu yet — but I’ll be sure to give you a race recap!


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