I have a new planner.

Those who know me well know that my planner is never far away. I’m always on the hunt for a planner that will work well for what I need, and sometimes those needs are different. And before you ask – no, I’m not a consistent user of online calendars. They just do not feel right to me, and I’m inconsistent about updating them. When I was an undergrad, I used an academic planner (Mon-Fri) and had a to-do list. During grad school, I needed something for every day, so I got a daily Moleskine. Then when I started my second round of graduate school virtually, a weekly view was more beneficial.

Which brings me to my current iteration of planning. I no longer have two jobs that I run back and forth between, and most of the things on my work agenda — well, I want to keep them at work. I don’t do homework anymore, so I don’t need that kind of to-do list. Instead, I want to track things like personal appointments, what my blog post should be about and when to post it, and what I make.

Inspiration struck when I stumbled upon an old planning book, intended for a teacher’s use in the classroom.

The two-page spread has a column for each weekday, then one column for “notes”, which I use for my weekend plans.

I added a category to each row for what I want to track. I have to transfer these each week, but that’s nice if I want to change one of the categories.

This is the second week I’ve used it, and so far it’s working out pretty well. If something doesn’t get done on that day, I circle it (note that my “plan book” blog post was scheduled for Monday).

How do you keep track of your life? I love seeing how other people plan!


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