I made tofu scramble.

Last weekend (I’m feeling a little delayed) I made one of our favorite weekend breakfasts, tofu scramble — but I made it for dinner, which I suppose makes it a favorite dinner too. It changes depending on what veggies we have in the fridge — this one had asparagus, red bell pepper, and green bell pepper, plus the tofu, of course. [Also, I did not edit these photos AT ALL so they suck.]

For this type of dish, it’s best if you freeze the tofu the day before, then thaw it in the fridge (or by setting the package in hot water) before you use it. Once it’s thawed, press as much of the water out of the tofu as you can (we even specifically purchased a press for this but you can use towels and a stack of cookbooks like we used to) — and then it’s ready to be put in the pan!

To make things a little more exciting this time, we used a soy version of chorizo sausage that Ryan had picked up. This added a bit of spice to it, and it turned out really great. [And you can see my amoxicillin bottle on the counter as well.]

Once the veggies were tender and everything was heated through, we wrapped it up in tortillas and it was delicious.

Do you have favorite weekend breakfasts? And do you eat breakfast for dinner too?

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