Catching Up

Hello again!

It’s been quite the busy summer here at Chez Marleah. I’ll save you the 20 or so posts that I had planned for the past couple of months by giving you a brief recap.

In May my sister graduated from the University of Kansas with bachelor degrees in Math and French …

Then my sister and I had to find her a new place to live, so we road tripped it out to Columbus, Ohio – with a few detours on the way back to Waukegan, IL (hometown of Ray Bradbury) and Joliet, IL (visiting famous prisons that have been filming locations for things such as The Blues Brothers and Prison Break are vacation destinations for everyone, right?) …

I traveled to New Orleans for the American Library Association’s annual conference, which was a blast (especially when you get to meet famous authors like Orson Scott Card [pictured] and Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket!) …

I did some baking (green tea cupcakes, among other things) and had a party at my house – oh, and I turned 27 …

Ryan (and me, here and there, but mostly Ryan) has been working on starting his own business in a building downtown that we bought.  The shop name is Spielen, which is German for “to play”. Accordingly, he had some games at the Ellis Riverfest this summer that built a lot of interest …

Ellis Riverfest

Oh, and I wore a few outfits. These aren’t even the best ones … but they are the ones that I photographed! Or that Ryan photographed while I gave him poor direction …


Shirt – maybe JC Penney // Skirt and belt – Maurices // Shoes – Payless // Necklace – thrifted in Columbus

I liked dressing this skirt down a little bit with the turquoise touches.


Shirt and Pants – JC Penney //Scarf – thrifted in Lawrence // Shoes – Toms (bought in Lawrence at Shark’s Surf Shop)

I’ve since gotten rid of these pants because they just didn’t fit quite right. I love the Arizona brand shirts, but Arizona jeans and pants just do not fit me at all. I’m a sucker for the cheap prices though.

Another exciting thing I did this summer was run the Warrior Dash. The 3.5 mile course included obstacles of varying difficulty … So! Much! Fun! I am planning to have the photos off my camera and on this blog in a few days. What gives with my newfound/re-found dedication? I finished school! Like, completely finished! I have officially finished all the work for my master’s in library science and am now just waiting to receive my degree.

I hope all of your summers have been treating you wonderfully! I’ve greatly enjoyed mine.


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  1. You are awesome!!

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