Sari Silk Earrings

Sari Silk Earrings
Originally uploaded by marleah

I have had a ball of recycled sari silk yarn for a few years now and just never settled on a project for it. That being said, I still haven’t settled on a project, but I did use just a bit of it this past week making these earrings!

They are just basic crocheted circles, about an inch tall, attached to earring findings. They kind of feel like they are missing something – any ideas?


4 responses to “Sari Silk Earrings

  1. Sparkles!! 😛

  2. They ARE a little sparkly! A big tough tattoo man at the library commented on them when I wore them. Kind of funny.

  3. Very cool. I’m feeling crafty as of late, now that I have a bit of free time. I’m not certain where to start though!

    P.S. I saw your new kitchen compost container on flickr. Too cool! I’ve been thinking of finding something similar for my food scraps, or getting one of those doctor’s office trashcans with the clamp down lid. One little food scrap can make the whole kitchen smell like garbage…grr…

  4. Yes, food scraps in the kitchen can be dangerous. We try to get ours out to the big compost bin outside once in the evening or at least every other evening. It helps if you had to cut up a lemon or an orange – smells very fresh! 🙂 I hate that I always seem to get crafty inspiration when I’m too busy to do anything, then when I have the time I don’t have any ideas or motivation. Bleh.

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