A Quick Recap

So it’s been an entire semester since I’ve written! I guess that’s what happens when someone is taking graduate classes / doing an internship / working part-time / doing a thesis on top of regular home stuff.

But that doesn’t mean that I have cut back on activism and good cooking, either! So here is a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to lately …

– We’ve been keeping up our Western Kansas Vegetarian Society discussions, but have switched from two Saturdays a month to now doing one Saturday and one Wednesday a month. Hopefully it brings in a few more people, what with all of the summer activities scheduled on Saturdays.

– Ryan and I tabled at the Lawrence, KS Earth Day celebration in April like we did last year. The picture with this post is of this year’s celebration. We ran to Target that morning to pick up the canopy thing, because it was raining here and there and we didn’t want our stuff to get all wet. Of course, after an hour or so there wasn’t any more rain, but it did protect us from the sun that afternoon. We got a lot of good positive comments, and once again got to speak with some amazing vegans and vegetarians, including some kids and the parents who support them.

– I got my copy of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s new cookbook, The Vegan Table! I absolutely love her cookbooks and want to fix every recipe in the book. I’ve already tried a few dishes from this one, and I will blog about them soon. I love all of the extra tips that Colleen gives with each recipe, and the pictures are beautiful.

– Ryan and I are thinking of making a cookbook of our own! I love taking photos of the food we fix, and sometimes the pictures turn out really great. So hopefully I can keep that up! My only concern is, what if a recipe is based on a recipe I found on the web but that I have altered in some way? I’m just not sure how that works, if we would put together a cookbook that we would actually sell or something. I’ll obviously have to do a bit of research before I take the plunge completely. I come up with a lot of recipes on my own, but lots of them are “inspired by” something else, and I just don’t know how much alteration is significant alteration and would make it my own. Hmph.

Now that classes are over, I’m hoping to be updating regularly again. We will see how that goes, because I always end up being busier than I planned.


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