We’re in the news!

My husband and I have just founded the Western Kansas Vegetarian Society during the past couple of months, and we aim to provide awareness and information about vegetarian and vegan diets through a series of meetings, alternating discussion with cooking tips and demonstrations. Well, we just had our second meeting on July 26, where we served barbecue tofu sandwiches with vegan mayonnaise and shared information about tofu, since it is somewhat intimidating when you’re just starting out with it.

We expected to have decent turnout, and it was the first meeting to be videotaped in order to place on the Hays Public Library’s website (since that’s where we’re doing the demos and all), but we did not expect to have a couple of reporters from the local newspaper, the Hays Daily News! Read the article here. I’m so thrilled that it’s in the Sunday paper, which is of course the most widely read during the week, and it’s a very even-handed article, reporting the facts – and our food was called delicious! I was slightly disappointed that the mayonnaise we used was simply called “natural” rather than vegan, so I left a comment on the website about that. I don’t want everyone to think we used regular mayo!

When the video of the demonstration is posted on the library’s website, I’ll be sure to mention it here. A big thank you to Katie who filmed it for us!

One response to “We’re in the news!

  1. That was a nice article, totally free of the typical vegan jokes that newspapers like to sneak in. And kudos to you guys for starting a veg-meetup in Kansas! You’ve got your work cut out for you, for sure.

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