Tofu Sandwich

Tofu Sandwich I decided to branch out a bit from tofu stir-fries, and I came up with this faux-chicken-esque sandwich. All I did to create this was freeze/drain/press the firm tofu (my typical preparation) then cut the block of tofu so that it forms two patties (basically, stand it on end and cut it down the middle). I then breaded it with my breading recipe and fried it for a bit in a frying pan with a bit of oil. It turned out really tasty, although my frying method was not the best – it smoked up the kitchen a little too much for my taste. Also, it was difficult to get the breading to stick to the tofu, since it had been pressed, but pressing really is necessary to get the right texture. So I’m at a bit of a loss there. I will probably try this again. This top picture isn’t the greatest, so here is another shot of the meal itself (sandwich, asparagus, zucchini):

Tofu Sandwich

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