Purse for Cameryn

Purse for Cameryn
Originally uploaded by marleah

I made this bag for my little sister. She picked out all of the fabrics and trim, of course selecting horse-themed items! This bag is reversible – it reverses to the same material as the straps. I used a tutorial from Chocolate on My Cranium, and it was really straightforward. I did not include a pocket this time around – maybe next time. But I’m really proud of it, because this is the first bag I have made! I’m still planning on adding some trim to this, and I have so much fabric leftover, I’ll probably make her a big tote too, since this bag is kind of on the small side. I can’t wait to give it to her!


2 responses to “Purse for Cameryn

  1. I think you did a great job! Just like your little sister, my daughters are big horse fans too.

  2. Thanks! She thought it was so cool that she could pick out whatever fabrics and trims she wanted. I added a fringe-y trim around the top.

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