Earth Day in Lawrence

Ryan’s and my first tabling event at the Lawrence, KS Earth Day Celebration was a success! We handed out literature from Vegan Outreach, and our display focused on the environmental impact of a meat-based diet. We had some visual aids that showed the differences in water and land requirement differences between meat-based and plant-based diets, as well as one showing the difference between human waste and farm animal waste.  (And our super cool shirts that we bought from Herbivore)

Ryan was definitely the one who got people to stop at our table – he had a great spiel worked out after just the first couple of minutes being set up. We met lots of people who were already vegetarian and vegan, and even some vegan kids! Meeting the kids was especially cool, just because I could see that they really have thought about this too, and veganism is extremely important to them. We gave them some resources that could help them get more vegan and vegetarian options in their school lunches (namely, Veg Advantage).

We really got a lot of support. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I definitely wasn’t expecting so much encouragement. We also had the opportunity to be just a few tables down from another animal rights group, Animal Outreach of Kansas. So through them we met several vegans, and their table was supplying free vegan food! Lots of people stood at the table listening to our information, and we got some people signed up for the Western Kansas Vegetarian Society newsletter (the organization we are starting up, in case I haven’t mentioned it already). In total, we handed out 99 leaflets from Vegan Outreach (mostly “Why Vegan?”) and 25 “Guide for Cruelty-Free Eating”. We also were handing out “Adopt a McDonald’s” coloring books from the Beyond Beef organization, as well as a Vegan Food Pyramid that I drew, based on the “New Four Food Groups” from the Physician’s Committee of Responsible Medicine. As soon as I have a scanned copy of that, I will post it.

Did anyone else out there attend this event? What did you think? Have you ever tabled before?

2 responses to “Earth Day in Lawrence

  1. Hey! I was there at the Earth Day event in my home, Lawrence Kansas. I’m really glad that the event in the park had many tables to support a vegan lifestyle. I especially liked your food pyramids and coloring books! Feel free to visit my town anytime! 🙂

  2. Hey Marleah and Ryan!
    It was so fantastic to meet you both at Earth Day. I can’t tell you how impressed and glad I am that someone is take up the cause in Western Kansas. I’ll be happy to support your efforts any time. Stay in touch,
    Mary Prewitt, Kansas State Director, The Humane Society of the United States

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