Um, thanks for your concern.

I have found, and I am sure other veg*ns (vegetarians and/or vegans) have found, that when you announce that you are veg*n, people suddenly get really concerned about your health.  Instantly you are bombarded with questions and comments such as, “Where do you get your protein?  What about iron?  I know this one veg*n who was really sick all the time …”

It’s really quite kind that people take such an interest in us.  Really, it is.  And there are many, many unhealthy veg*ns out there who are either wasting away on a diet of iceberg lettuce or who are adding on the pounds with potato chips and Oreos.  So, health really is a valid concern for people to have.  And I know that people are looking out for our best interests as well.

However, unhealthy omnivores and meat-eaters abound as well, right?  People eat two to three servings of meat per meal, douse their tiny amount of veggies in cheese sauce, and snack on potato chips in between.  I may be exaggerating, but I think this is a very common scenario.  I know it was pretty common for me before I was vegetarian.  But these people are not often approached about their dietary choices and questions such as, “Where do you get your calcium?  Your vitamin A?”  Not to mention questions such as, “But what the cholesterol you are taking in?  I know this one meat-eater who was obese and had cancer …”

I’m not trying to make light of the situation, and there are PLENTY of healthy meat-eaters out there who consume animal products in moderation.  But come on.  I think that we all need to be aware of our food choices and have some common sense as well.  Because I am sure that for as many meat-eaters who ask me if I get enough protein don’t actually know how much I need on a daily basis.


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