Pita Pizzas

Here’s another one from a while back. I apparently need to get better about taking photos off the camera right away. Oops! Anyway, it is tough to find pre-made crusts that are vegan around here, because all of the ones I have found have honey in them! So, I had the bright idea to make us some mini pizzas using pita bread! I had to use the white ones rather than wheat, because the wheat ones also had honey in them.

Pita Pizza 1

On top of the pita bread, we spread some pizza sauce (from a jar, although you could easily make your own) and then topped them with green pepper, mushroom, and tomato. They are also sprinkled with some dried basil (fresh would be better). They aren’t hugely filling, so it’s a great excuse to eat like three pizzas in one sitting. I think we put them in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes or so, if this is something you’re going to try yourself. Really simple!


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