Falafel Wraps

Ok, we actually had these a week or two ago, so … sorry! But here are pictures now!

Falafel 1

You can’t really tell from the picture, but we used those big spinach tortillas/wraps. Also in the wrap is Nasoya fake mayo, dijon mustard, home-made pickles courtesy of Ryan’s uncle, and fresh lettuce and tomato. Yummy! This is such a fresh, summery meal. I think I’ve been using a bit too much oil with the falafel though – they give me a bit of a tummy ache. Oh, and this meal is so easy because the falafel is from a mix. Yeah, I’m willing to admit that. It’s Fantastic Foods’ falafel mix, and it couldn’t be easier … or tastier!


2 responses to “Falafel Wraps

  1. that looks like a vegie pattie borrito and not like a falafel wrap

    • Well, it was falafel. And it was wrapped, although undone for the shot so everyone could see the goodies! I flattened them so that they didn’t roll around in my pan. So … thanks for the comment!

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