Leafleting update

As of now, my registration form as an exhibitor for the Lawrence Earth Day Celebration has been submitted. We also have received the leaflets from Vegan Outreach – their turnaround is FAST! Also, we are trying to think of activities we could do to show the relationship between eating meat and the environment. So far, I think we will have some coloring pages for kids: a few different styles, but the one I am most excited about is a coloring page of a vegan food pyramid, that basically shows how to balance a vegan diet and gives ideas about what exactly to eat. That one will likely also get handed out to adults as well. I often find that people are interested, but thinking about something new or out of the norm is overwhelming, and they never get past that first step. We would also like to have some fruit and vegetable samples there as well – something that doesn’t require cooking or baking!

If anyone has any ideas, or if anyone is reading this at all (!), let me know in the comments. I’m really excited about this idea to “speak my truth,” as Colleen from Compassionate Cooks would say. I hope the weather is nice!


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